Things you should Keep in Mind While Travelling to India

Things you should keep in mind while travelling to India

Tips which not just make you safe but makes your tour to India even enjoyable

India is a land of several festivals, languages, customs, traditions and religions. No wonder why it is always a source of attraction for travellers from across the world. With the thousands of years old history and hundreds of years old many ancient buildings India is the only country who is rich with all four kinds of weather and interesting people.

Indians are hospitable generally, they always try to help you while don’t even know the solution. You are a foreigner, so you are a kind of entertainment source for them. They will stare you, try to be a bit open with you, want to clicks pictures with you and always ready to show you the right direction which is mostly not correct because they also don’t have any clue for what you were asking for but it is their responsibility to guide their guests with no matter it was correct or wrong.

Seems like a silly nation, on some bases yes they are silly but they have a clean heart. If you are visiting India for the first time be ready for some big shocks, not just cultural but there so many others as well. If your plane land in Mumbai what you feel is nothing else but amazement. A land with the diversity of living standards is known as Mumbai all over the world. Where on one side in Bandra Bandstand you cannot purchase a house but just flat on the rate of 2 lakh per square feet while on the other side there is a slum name Dharavi which cover now approximately 2.5 square kilometres with the population density of over 277,136/km2.

However India is not less than a living surprise and if you are planning to India first time, it is suggested to pack your stuff more because you cannot enjoy your trip to India in few days. If you are worried about your luggage there isn’t any need to be worried for that neither need to pay extra to your airline for extra baggage as there are many cargo companies nowadays working 24/7 and send cargo to India safe and swift in cheapest rates.

There are many things you should be aware before your arrival like what to wear, what to eat and drink, what to and not to do and many more. Following are few tips with which you can make your trip of India more memorable.

Pack your stuff according to weather

India is a hot country, rather to a few areas most of the Indian cities and states are hot. So it is suggested to not to pack warm clothes especially if you are visiting India in summer. India is not a modern country so flashy and exposing clothes are not at all welcomed in any part of India. Though few cities like Delhi and Mumbai have broad-minded people but still short skirts and t-shirts are not in a fashion now.

You already bear and face stares of almost every person just for being a foreigner and if you wear modern clothes it really could be a real problem for you. During your visit to temples, mosques and churches always cover your maximum body parts like arms, legs, chest and it is really good if you cover your head too with scarf or dupatta.

Solo female traveller? You need to be more careful for yourself

No matter you are white, brown, black, young or aged you are a female so quite enough for Indian males. Unfortunately, it is a bitter truth that on the land of beauty not a single female is safe. India is on the second number of the list of most insecure countries for females. Not just for female travellers but for local females as well.

Five years ago a group of hooligans rape a 19 years old student in a running bus, killed her after molesting and threw her body out of the running bus. The poor girl died in the hospital after struggling hard for her life six days later. Two years ago a German female traveller raped, killed and burnt by mobs just because she refuses them to take selfies with her, she was not even a solo traveller, they killed her husband and burned his dead body too. Last year an eight years old innocent Kashmiri girl Asifa kidnapped from her street raped for seven days by a local policeman and two custodians of the local temple. After seven days those monsters smash her head with a heavy stone and threw her body on a heap of garbage. What else could be more horrifying than that? Maybe the news of 28 years old man rape his 8 months old cousin in Delhi? Yes, it is true the beast physically abused 8 years old fairy and confess his sin by saying “I am sorry, I was drunk” and that’s all.

For the sake of your security, it is suggested to hire 3 or 4 local policemen for your safety throughout your trip to India and keep a safe distance from those policemen too.

Do not eat too much street food either drink tap water

Indian food is like the food of heaven. Indian spices and variety of dishes make Indian cuisines really second to none. But these tasty meals could be harmful to you as well. Indian spices are too strong to digest and sadly India is one of those countries who does not have healthy and safe drinking water.

Eating too much street food and drinking tap water could cause diarrhoea. It is recommended that always carry a filter water bottle along with yourself throughout the journey.

Nothing worth more than life so say no to drugs

Many foreigners try to do some drugs to enjoy their trip to India which isn’t safe at all. Though hashish, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, LSD, MDMA and meth are easily available in almost every city of India, it is recommended not to use them at all. You can face prison of up to 10 years with heavy fine. There isn’t any way with which you will be safe once you caught by police while having any type of drug.

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