Know More About Mountain Resorts & Spa Present in Darjeeling

Know more about Mountain resorts & Spa present in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the best places to be in during the summers and winter season. People from all over the world come over here to get themselves free from the hot and arid temperatures in their city and some people come here to get the change they wanted to have for so long time. Darjeeling is also known as The Queen of Hills because this small town is being located within the mighty Himalayan Mountains and amidst wild nature, one can even get lucky to see various species of birds and animals. This is the everlasting wonder lust for people who want to break their boredom of working day after day in their offices in different cities.

Chamong Chiabari Darjeeling Attractions

Every year many people, travelers and other tourist comes here to visit this place, the tourists visits have increased so much due to which the Government of West Bengal advised to build more new developments for the best, affordable and luxurious hotels and resort in Darjeeling West Bengal. Over the period of time this small town got some of the best tea estate resorts in Darjeeling where their guests are being offered to stay at beautiful places during the night and enjoy visiting different tourist spots in Darjeeling. They are many tea estates who have even opened their doors for tourists so that visitors can roam around the tea valleys and get click as many photographs they want to rejoice their stay in Darjeeling.

Resorts and tea estates Chamong ChiabariAmongst all other resorts and tea estates Chamong Chiabari is being deemed to be the best and beautiful place to stay in Darjeeling. They provide their utmost cordial welcomes to their guests. People who will live here will get the thrill of living in a Mountain Retreat & Spa resort which is being perched on the top of the cliff which is around at an elevation of 4800 feet above the sea level. It is one of a kind of experience to get where one can get to steal a glance of the peaceful serene beautiful nature present amidst the mightiest mountain ranges. People who have visited Darjeeling they did planned their stay in Chamong Chiabari even they have said that to gain the most awesome experience of enjoying the best ever vacations then one have to stay at Chamong Chiabari.

At Chamong you will never have to compromise on accommodation as they have plenty of rooms which are being designed to provide lively pleasure of having world-class amenities and facilities. You will seriously feel that you have shifted your full home in Darjeeling you will never get the feel that you are living in a normal resort. Chamong Chiabari even arranges folk dances to make their guests happy and energetic, they believe the more their guests are happy the more enjoyment they will have living at Chamong Chiabari, Darjeeling.

Chamong Chiabari Darjeeling
Chamong Chiabari is one of the best and oldest Darjeeling tea garden resort where the guests are being allowed to taste pure Darjeeling tea and are allowed to see that how a small beautiful tea leaves are turned into actual pure tea and are being served in their cups. It is one hell of an experience to have!! Chamong Chiabari gives the opportunity to their guests to have Land Rover rides to Sandakphu Phalut trek. If you do want to have the awesome ride in a land rover than Chamong is the one who will arrange this extreme ride for you. If you are at Chamong Chiabari you will get to taste the tailored experience of everything beautiful.

Chamong Chiabari even arranges some of the best adventurous activities where guests can participate to get the actual feel of having a real and super cool trip to Darjeeling. Adventurous activities like cycling through the woods of Darjeeling, watching over 208 species of Birds, paragliding, camping near a downstream river just below Chamong Chiabari and exploring the depths of the enormous tea valleys.

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