The Best Way to Spend a Day in Vienna

The Best Way to Spend a Day in Vienna

In Vienna, there are countless amazing historical and artistic things to see. This city offers so many opportunities for an enjoyable trip that you can’t even imagine. This is also what, ironically, makes it so hard to plan your day in advance in this huge city.

But fear not, because we are here to show you how a great day at Vienna needs to be planned. You don’t necessarily need to see everything in order to have an amazing day there. What you really need is to include a little bit of everything in a single day.

Let me show you how. I’m going to show you 6 places you can visit in a single day. This is going to be your perfect first day in Vienna.

Tourist Attractions

The Hofburg

Palaces are considered as the main attractions in Vienna and the most significant one is definitely the Hofburg. This is the place from where all the Austrian emperors governed their empire since the late 1200s. Now it functions as the official residence of the president.

It is not just one building but many groups of architectural masterpieces built in Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque and Gothic styles. Of course, a single day is not enough to check out all the 18 groups of buildings and 19 courtyards. Nevertheless, a long walk in the courtyards while admiring the architecture is mandatory if you ask me.

I would also recommend you to check out the Imperial Treasury while you are there. This collection takes you back a thousand years when all the crowns, scepters and other jewelry were made with incredible attention to detail.

Prater Park

Once you see that huge Ferris wheel, you know you’re at the right place. Entering Prater Park is like entering another world inside of Vienna. It is where the fun never stops and you can try out all the thrills and spills, just be careful not to get too dizzy.

The view from the top of the Ferris wheel is amazing. If you want to get yourself a few meters above Vienna and see the city in its enormity, then definitely buy a ticket and hop in. The wheel works just fine since 1896 and it creates sweet memories for people up to this day.

In this beautiful park, there are many places where you can take a break, eat a delicious meal and have a few drinks. There is even a disco available in the amusement park in case you feel like partying. There is no need to watch the clock while you are there. The Prater Park is open day and night, every day.

Cafés and restaurants

Café Sperl

This café truly takes you back in time with its old interior that stayed the same since it opened in 1880. Whic makes the atmosphere even more authentic is the smoke-stained ceiling. It was a great idea to leave it as it is.

As a tourist, enjoying a traditional breakfast and some coffee in such an original historic atmosphere is going to be an unforgettable part of your trip. Pick a velvet bench next to a window niche and enjoy a delicious meal. It is the kind of place where you can relax, read a newspaper or have long conversations with friends.

Café Sperl is located a little further away from the centre, meaning that you have a higher chance to avoid the crowd. Don’t forget to check out the old piano or even to play a couple of games on the billiard table before you go.


Considering that Griechenbeisel is the oldest restaurant in Vienna, I would say it should be on the top of your list to go and eat there. This is the place you mainly hear about if you ask locals or search for the best restaurants in Vienna on the Internet. Once you get there, you will immediately understand why.

Griechenbeisel functions as a tavern since the early 1500s. As the centuries have gone by, they got multiple rooms decorated bit by bit that look amazing now. Each room looks different and tells a different history. The first interesting thing you can see as you enter is a cannonball from the 1500s that penetrated the wall during the Turkish invasion.

Make sure to book a table in advance, otherwise only Sundays give you a slight chance to get one. All I can say about the dishes you can order there are traditional and excellent Austrian meals. A historic location offering the best food in Vienna.


Bijou Escort

Now you have some tips on where to spend your time in Vienna. However, if you want to visit the city alone, then you might want someone to accompany you there. There is a simple solution that can make you less uncomfortable in such a huge city:

Escort girls

The beautiful girls at Bijou Escort are called Bijous and they are ready to accompany you throughout your trip. All of them are stylish, talkative and provide a wide range of extra services. It only takes a phone call and the girl of your choice will welcome you at the airport.

VIP escorts can help you relax and enjoy any type of event, museum tour or a dinner at an authentic Austrian restaurant. If you don’t want to discover the hidden gems of Vienna alone, then Bijou Escort is a great solution to your problem.

Nightclub Maxim Wien

The nightlife is buzzing in Vienna and there are countless clubs and bars where one can party the night away. When I feel like going out at night, I usually go to Maxim. I am always on the lookout for a party event at Maxim because I know it is going to be another unforgettable night.

The music, the performers and the club itself always meets the highest standards. Not to mention that a lot of people love partying there and you can make a lot of friends. On the average weekday, Maxim functions as a bar and a brothel that has great reputation in Vienna.

You can sit down at the bar and have a few drinks with your friends. The hot girls working there are eager to flirt and joke around if you buy them a drink. There is no need to worry about them forcing their services on you. If you only need their company, so be it.

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