The Best 5 Day Tour to Discover Norway

The best 5-day tour to discover Norway

Plan your trip to Norway

If you are planning a luxurious holiday in Norway, everything will be prepared for you. But if you think about a more personalized tourist circuit, this may be the best way to discover freely and slowly the Norwegian wonders. Here is a 5-day circuit that will allow you to take your time to enjoy your trip!

Day 1: Discover Oslo

Welcome to Oslo, the capital of Norway, a lively city surrounded by forests and the beautiful Oslofjord. Stroll along the streets and explore the royal family town, as well as the main street Karl Johan with its many shops, bars and cafés.

Explore Frogner Park, an impressive park with 212 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland and a national symbol with the Arkehus Fortress. You can also go to the Bygdøy Peninsula and visit the Viking Museum and its three preserved drakkars (Viking warships), or the Fram Museum and its ships used on a polar expedition.

Day 2: Travel to the fjord region

In the morning, take the train to the fjords, crossing the countryside, the mountains and the Hardangervidda plateau before getting down at Myrdal. From there, board the famous Flåmsbana, an impressively steep train that takes you to Flåm at the bottom of the fjord. It makes its way between the mountains and glacier-blue torrents, offering an impressive landscape.
Here you are in Flåm on the banks of the Sognefjord, as a beautiful cruise on the Sognefjord awaits you. Then, board on a boat that allows you to cross it. Do not miss the mouth of the Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before reaching the other side at Balestrand.

Day 3: Relax on the banks of the Fjord

Here you are on the banks of the Sognefjord for a beautiful day near nature. Balestrand is a small quiet village where large cruise ships do not come. It retains a lot of charm and tranquility compared to Flåm. There are many walking or hiking trails to venture into the mountains.

Day 4: Cruise on the Sognefjord

This is the opportunity to discover the surrounding nature and the Sognefjord. In the afternoon, take a cruise on the Sognefjord. Here you go for a beautiful 4-hour crossing on the famous fjord. This one widens little by little before taking you across the Bergen archipelago, probably in the evening.

Day 5: Discover Bergen

Travel through the Hanseatic city (a 14th century commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns) to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old port, Bryggen, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Stroll along the fish market or in the narrow streets dotted with wooden houses. If you take the funicular to the top of Mount Fløien, you can admire Bergen, the city of seven hills from above.

For a few more days in the South

If you wish to extend your tour in the South:

• go to Stavanger (and its region, including the Prekestolen site),
• explore the beautiful region between Bergen and Alesund (including the Briksdal Glacier and Runde Island),
• continue on the Atlantic Route between Alesund and Molde,
• go up to the pretty town of Trondheim via the small village of Roros,
• or go hiking in the Jotunheim, Hardanger Vidda, or Rondane massifs…

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