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Jim Corbett is the oldest national park in India which shall give you can experience staying in the lap of nature and also attracts thousands of tourists every year because of this very reason. This national park located in Uttarakhand at the foothills of Himalayas is rich in flora and fauna. A safari in Jim Corbett is an extraordinary way to discover the exquisiteness of wilderness and nature. This paradise for the wildlife enthusiasts and photographers shelters several species including more than 600 species of birds, 500 species of distinct flora and wild animals like elephants, leopards, etc. The jeep safari within Jim Corbett can be booked online with the choice of slots. It is an exciting activity as you go through the jungle in an open jeep amidst thing vegetation, get to watch the wild animals like Tigers roaming free in their natural habitat.

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There are different zones within the park namely – Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela and Durgadevi where a safari can be enjoyed. The type of safari offered include jeep safari, elephant safari, and canter safari which allows you to experience the safari differently from another.

Flora and Fauna in the National Park – The immense greenery and dense forests of the Himalayas accommodate some of the exotic and endangered animals. The wonderful terrains and prolific variety of flora and fauna have attracted tourists from across. About 10% of the national park is covered in grasslands while more than 73% of it is thick forests. These forests are home to about 580 bird species, 50 species of mammals,25 species of reptiles, and 110 tree species. The forests are an abode to the Bengal tigers in plenty and also accommodates leopards. Some exotic species which you may get to witness include- yellow-throated martens, sloth, Indian pangolins, Indian grey mongoose, Himalayan goral, hog deer, sambar deer, Himalayan black deer apart from which Indian elephants, pythons and local crocodiles also have made Jim Corbett National park their homes.

Best Time to Visit – The Jim Corbett remains open all the days of the year for the tourists to visit and experience the reserve area with its timings and seasons. But the best time can be between November to the end of June as it is the perfect time to avail the best of benefits.

Depending on the weather and a few other factors different zones have different seasons. Bijrani and Dhikala zones mostly remain closed during the monsoons as most of the roads get washed away because of rain. Hence while designing packages these things are kept on mind and planned accordingly.

Booking Procedure – It is a must to have a booking in Jim Corbett, mostly the slots of Safari is full and thus to facilitate you better the safari requires an advance booking. Use the online portal to intimate the concerned officials about it with the simple details such as the number of people, dates of safari. One can also choose the zone based on availability. Indian nationals need to book the safari 30 days prior and in the case of foreigners, the booking should be done 90 days in advance.

Types of Safaris

1. Jeep Safari – This is one of the best adventures to enjoy in Jim Corbett takes you through the thrilling journey amidst wilderness with remarkable flora and fauna. This is mostly done in a group in an open-air jeep which can be enjoyed at the best. During this tour, you will get an opportunity to spot the Bengal tigers, elephants, Indian Python, Himalayan black bears, leopard cats and different kinds of deers.

2. Canter Safari – If you are in a bigger group you can go for this which shall accommodate a good 18 number of people. Dhikala Zone is where this service is offered and it is one of the finest zones indeed. This zone has a mystic pathway blessed with a wonderful ambiance that will keep that tourists enthusiastic and excited all along. This Zone also houses a 100-year-old rest house that can be visited by the tourists alongside a fabulous glimpse of flora and fauna. Tourists must hold a mandatory permit to enter and stay overnight in the national park. This lasts for about 5 hours.

3. Elephant Safari – This is one of the most sought after and cost-effective activities to enjoy in Jim Corbett National Park. You will get to experience some of the spellbinding views nearby riding on the back of this gentle giant. You will get to get lost in the rich flora and fauna, spectacular wild animals and mesmerizing beauty of the dense forests while riding along the assigned paths. You can experience the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand as you get an opportunity to witness the wonder of Jim Corbett’s natural surroundings riding on the back of an elephant. This lasts the shortest for an approximate half an hour. Visit Family Tour Packages.

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