Enjoy Wonderful Holiday In Baku Azerbaijan

The capital city of Azerbaijan has welcomed you for holiday in Baku. The high streets with remarkable modern Azeri buildings have brilliant shopping opportunities with everything. Baku has a mix of old and modern, east as well as west and somehow they all blend into, something ‘Azeri’.

Fountain Square in down town Baku was initial build in Soviet times and has since been developed and remodeled by the Azerbaijanis. To obtain there it is easiest to walk up Nizami Street past several 19th century buildings that inspire the imagination. The fountains at night are lit up as well as during the day it is a popular destination.

Baku AzerbaijanJust a short taxi ride from the centre of town, the futuristic, Zaha Hadid–designed white curves of the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre trump the actual contents of the cavernous museum, Not far away, closer to Port Baku, the city’s Museum of Modern Art bears the mark of another well-known architect, Jean Nouvel. Its maze-like interior is home to a notable collection of mostly post-1980 Azerbaijani art, as well as a small handful of Picassos and Dalis. Hugging the shoreline of the Caspian Sea, the paved Bulvar is an attractive spot for a walk on a sunny day, despite the pervading smell of oil wafting across the water from offshore rigs.

If you are on a budget, there are large varieties of street food available from stalls and open air markets throughout the city. Going in December the choice of having roasted chestnuts and an Azeri coffee for under €3 is an ideal nibble for the peckish explorer. As you walk along the Neftciler Prospekti promenade by the sea you will find several good restaurants. These restaurants serve Azerbaijani as well as western food with well mannered staff who are warm as well as welcoming. It is not cheap by Azeri standards but with such a positive conversion rate it is a shame not to indulge. The Caspian Sea fish appear fresh off the boat every morning, making the taste as authentic of accurate Azeri Caspian cuisine as possible.

Baku AzerbaijanMaiden Tower

The Maiden Tower is a UNESCO World legacy historical monument in the old city of Baku. Take a tour as well as see the view from the top looking across the Baku seafront for a small fee. The tower dates back to the 15th century and is one Azerbaijan’s most idiosyncratic national emblems. The curved, sand coloured structure looks magnificent in the Caucasus sun which adds to its splendor. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs, on the contrary side of the old city, dating from the same period espouses traces of the Azeri Muslim identity.

Azerbaijan Baku Hotels Are The Best For Staying

There are several amazing hotels in Baku and Azerbaijan Hotel Prices are very affordable. These hotels are in a prime location near the shopping as well as business centres. Guests can enjoy an indoor as well as outdoor swimming pool, access to the Spa and Wellness Centre, on-site restaurants, bars as well as lounges and a free airport shuttle.

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