7 Most Exotic Destinations to Visit in UAE

Do you have a sense of adventure against the compasses and signboards which makes you restless in a mind-numbing routine? You can’t be bothered now. Start doing the stuffs which actually matters and sincerely letting you sleep with smile. If you are the best wanderer who craves for earning unique experiences, pen down the name UAE in your bucket list. Now tick the box and fly to explore these hidden gems of UAE at lower prices with Etihad promo code. It’s your turn to stop capturing pictures among a loud crowd in cliché destinations, and enjoy these seven destinations which is not on top of most visited places.

1. Snoopy Island, Fujairah

Have you ever seen an island in the shape of your funny Snoopy lying on his back? When you visit UAE, don’t skip Snoopy Island in Indian Ocean closer to Oman and Hajar mountains for teeming reef, precious aquatic life enriched with small sharks, bunch of turtles, millions of fishes and more. Swim with drops of heaven in crystal deep blue sea.

Got these stuffs to do: Snorkeling, scuba diving, beach camping, rent tents, barbecue grills, kayak to island.

How to Reach: Located in Aqah Fujairah, a drive of 2 hours covering 180km from Dubai. And public buses from Deira bus station also available to Fujaira.

2. Mangrove National Park, Abu Dhabi

Mangroves are highly effective in scrubbing carbon dioxide from atmosphere and a complete ecosystem. This is a paradise for natural lovers to meet western reef heron, greater flamingo, mottled crabs, foxes, sea snakes and countless fishes and to feel the cooing of more than sixty species of birds, fresh air and shadow of thick green.

Things to deal here: kayaking, cruising

How to Arrive: Located near Anantara Hotel, just outside central Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street

3. Ghost Town, Al Madam, Sharjah

There is some ecstatic fun in paranormal experiences. Ghost town or Buried Village in Al Madam in Sharjah is new target for such insane travelers to experience haunting silence, and negative vibes while walking through an abandoned village of sand filled old houses with booing sound of dessert wind.

What to do here: Walk through these sand dunes, feel the creepy unseen djinn.

Best direction: Located on E44, the old Dubai-Hatta Road. Nearly 60km from City of Dubai and 50 km from Sharjah.

4. Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

Make your time count on the highest mountain of UAE for a picture-perfect view of rocky valley, winding roads and natural stone canyons in Al Hajar mountain range.

Things to be done here: View from Deck park, Mountain trekking, ziplining (world’s longest zipline), ice skating at rink, barbecuing, camping, hiking

How to hit: Driving a car from Dubai is the best way to reach here. Route is about two hours long via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road(E311) from Al Khail Road(D83)

5. Wasit Nature Reserve, Sharjah

A natural reserve known as lung of city and having diverse habitats to preserve more than 200 species of birds, mammals and many living creatures which were discovered for first time in UAE provinces.

Things to do: Educational tour through Wasit Visitor Center, Fun games, informative guidance

Location: Build in Ramtha area near the suburb of Wasit in Emirate Of Sharjah

6. Palm Oasis, Al Ain

Nature heals everything, and in a dessert country like UAE, Palm Oasis brings the shady cool ambience to you. With more than 147000 date palms, Al Ain Oasis promises the freshness of green.

Deal these here: Information center, Aflaj Irrigation system, Eco center

How to reach: Located in Al Ain at Southeast of Abu Dhabi at 1.30 hours’ drive away from capital.

7. Wadi Shawka, Ras Al Khaimah

Don’t miss out this place if adventure is an emotion for you. Pool dips, fractured tracks, natural springs, thick foliage etc make it challenging and interesting place to explore.

Interesting activities: Off-road biking, cycling, hiking, camping, canyoning

Way to get in: Located at 95km from Ras Al Khaimah, 92km from Dubai, and 85km from Sharjah.

Remember these hidden treasures for exploring, because you can’t add it to your bucket list if you are asking to someone who resides in UAE. Life is short, take a deep breath and travel more. Listen, you are not a tree, you can travel, you have to travel, you deserve to see every inch of earth. Bon voyage!

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