10 Most Haunted Places in Europe to Visit

London Underground

If you plan on visiting anytime soon then perhaps you would want to have a more defined experience. Everyone wants their adventures to be well remembered. If you crave an expedition that you wouldn’t forget then pack your bags because nothing elucidates “adventure” without a taste of horror.

1. London Underground
Rumors have it that a woman was murdered here by Jack the ripper and her spirit unrests to this day. One of the tunnels of London underground is where people see her ghost wandering about. That is not all. There are other cursed tunnels as well. People complain that they have seen a tall man with a hat and a cape who seems out of time. Screams and footsteps are a pretty common occurring too. For ghost hunters plus adventurers like me, it is a must visit.

2. Birmingham Palace

Birmingham is a notorious place for ghosts and alien sightings of all sorts. Not one of the most haunted places but certainly the most intriguing is the Birmingham Palace. Locals have claimed that sometimes they hear footsteps following them around. Other reports say that they feel sinister presence in the galleries of the palace. Some people believe that it is just a publicity stunt because no real evidence has ever been provided. But all rumors aside, who wouldn’t want to see the queen’s palace.

3. Palazzo Dario
It is located on the Grand Canal in Venice. This house, in other famous cultures, is also known as the house “that kills”. It all started with Dario who built this house in the 15th century. His daughter killed herself and after that anybody who associates with this place is bound for an unsettling end. This house has claimed nearly ten lives through murder, suicides, and mystery deaths. Anybody who owns writes his own doom in the face of this house.

4. Ballygally Castle
This castle is in the Northern part of Ireland where folks of its haunting speculate. It is believed that an old women committed suicide here by throwing herself off a window. This incident happened in the 17th century. Her ghost is still haunting the castle. Her bedroom is sealed off where her presence was most felt. The castle now runs as a hotel that even the most bravest of them all don’t dare to visit.

5. Bran Castle

Birmingham Palace
If you know the story of Vlad the Impaler or most commonly known as Dracula, then this place is going to feel familiar. Located in Romania, it is believed that the very ghost of Dracula is haunting the place. About one and a half century ago, this castle was immensely famous among the local witches. This place has an eerie feeling that draws tourists from all across the world.

6. Karosta Hotel

It’s in the small country of Latvia. Karosta hotel is a prison themed hotel. The customers come here to enjoy their meals with an outlook of a cruel prison life in the Nazi era. This former prison was home to every cruelty the world had ever seen. Occasionally screams are heard coming from its cells. Not only that but echoes and low pitched sound of someone speaking is also a norm.

7. Ross Castle
Another one of the haunted places in Ireland would be Ross Castle. This castle once belonged to an evil natured man called Black Baron. According to the legends, the lord of the castle and his daughter are haunting this place. It is a famous tourist destination. It is known as one of the most well-known haunted places in Europe right now.

8. Catacombs of Paris

These catacombs were created as an alternative to bury people instead of graveyards. It is believed that it houses approximately remains of 6 million people, piled up in the form of bone walls. Visitors are told to stick with the guide because otherwise there is a high risk of getting lost. Visitors have claimed that they see shadows of deceased loved once or hear their voices through these walls.

9. Houska Castle
An hour away from the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is Houska Castle. It is believed that the gateway to hell is located within the castle. Considerably, it was built to shelter demonic creatures and when the ritual to actually open the gates of hell succeeded, it became haunted. It is not a popular tourist destination. Due to the fear among the locals, they would often try persuading the foreign tourists not to enter its premises otherwise they might suffer from enormous consequences.

10. Moosham Castle
It would seem that the ghosts have a particular liking towards castles because the next on the Europe’s most haunted is Moosham Castle located in Austria. A lot of innocent men and women were imprisoned, tortured, and executed under the accusation of practicing wizardry and witchcraft in the 17th century. It is said that the ghosts of all of the undefiled souls reside within its walls to remind the visitors about its history.

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