10 Best Things in Amsterdam for Couples

10 Best things in Amsterdam for Couples

You are visiting Amsterdam as a couple, but have no time to acquaint yourself with what things you could do as a couple, that only a local would know. I’m here to help you navigate planning your romantic itinerary. I set up Romantic Tour Amsterdam as I saw that couples visiting this captivating city, full of romance and allure were not being shown this wonderful facet in the regular tourist offerings. The Amsterdam I know is full of charm, quaint streets and canals, unusual cute locations that reveal Dutch life and culture at it’s very and most gentle best. I have selected for you, 10 of the cities best things to do in Amsterdam as a couple.

Picnic In the Vondelpark Amsterdam

Picnic In the Vondelpark Amsterdam

What is more romantic on a warm day, than to collect a basket, fill it with champagne, lovely Dutch cheese, nuts and berries and lounge and lay together in the park, enjoying each other in the sunshine? Amsterdam is a city full of verdant nature, with majestic trees, water and parks around the city, perfect for couples on a romantic getaway.

One easy to find and beautiful park is Vondelpark, right in the middle of the city. It is the Central park of Amsterdam, filled with flowers, hidden corners, trees, ducks and the sound of birds, making a soundtrack to your romantic afternoon. I love this park and to help you a little, I’m sharing a map, here with my favourite spots for a picnic.

Visit a Creative and Sustainable hidden spot

In the northern area of Amsterdam is an area that used to be an old shipyard, De Ceuvel was originated and developed by architects and visionaries committed to sustainability. Building a raised ground made from houseboats from all over the Netherlands, this is an inspiring place, full of creative expression. It has a cafe, events of all kinds and in particular my friend who curates fantastic live performances on a houseboat. A perfect place to go to in Amsterdam, not often frequented by tourists and perfect for couples who are looking for things to do in Amsterdam that are creative, artistic and unique. Read here about my Date night ideas for Couples

Walk by the canals together while the sun is setting

Walk by the canals together while the sun is setting

Go for a stroll with your loved one by the canals. The city centre and the canal belt were built in the 16th and 17th century. The houses are absolutely wonderful, and the setting is so scenic that you feel like you are walking in an open-air museum. If you go out for a walk at night, be sure to pay attention to the romantic street lights that keep the city illuminated, they emphasize Amsterdam’s unique atmosphere

Watch a film in the most romantic cinema

Cinema Pathé Tuschinski was built in 1921, and its exterior and interior are a spectacular mix of styles: Amsterdam School, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. It is one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a double “Love seat” on the balcony or a “Private box”, where you can even order champagne! Visit their website for more information. When you book here make sure you book for the old theatre Cinema.

Do Romantic Canal Tour in Amsterdam

Picture this, you are floating down the canals at night, snuggled up with your loved one. All you can hear are the sounds of the water lapping against the boat and all around are lights on the bridges and the majestic 17th-century buildings. As you pass under the Seven Bridges, you look into each other’s eyes and fall in love a little more.

Do Romantic Canal Tour in Amsterdam

Here at Romantic Tour Amsterdam, We offer both group tours in the evening and private tours, especially for those looking to share a gentle, intimate journey. Perhaps you feel inspired to propose in this way? I would love to guide you through this process with our team, we create a wonderful marriage proposal just for you two on the magnificent canals of Amsterdam.

Visit the best Amsterdam museums for couples

Nothing can compare to exploring a new city with the one you love and Amsterdams museums are a wonderful place to start. With its quaint canals and historic houses, Amsterdam has the power to move people. Centuries of creative energy give Amsterdam its endless appeal. But, the romance of Amsterdam is not limited to its canal, houses and bridges. As the birthplace of artists, creatives and sculptors – stories of love are woven into the threads of the city!

If you want to delve deeper into the history and artwork that makes it such a unique destination, your trip is not complete without exploring Amsterdam’s museums.

Whether you long for stories of the golden age or want to admire contemporary art that evokes the feelings of when you first met – Amsterdam’s offerings are as individual as you and your partner.

Take a journey of love through the Rijksmuseum, discover the heartbreak of Van Gogh and step back in time at Anne Frank’s House. Or try one of the more alternative Amsterdam museums – as recommended by a local. Museums in Amsterdam are extremely popular. It is wise to book in advance online if you are visiting the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank’s House.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

This classical museum is the most famous in the city. Providing an overview of art in the Netherlands, it focuses especially on the golden age of 1600 to the end of the 1700s when Amsterdam was the richest city in the world. The Rijksmuseum has been through many transformations and renovations and is now counted as one of the most breathtaking museums in the world.

Couples will enjoy wandering through the many rooms and witnessing magnificent paintings, prints and antique objects. The collection includes paintings from Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Dyck Jan Steen and more.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

From the tenderness to the art of seduction and even heartache and longing – all stages of love are represented here. The museum even offers a “love tour” for those who want to combine romance and art. Rijksmuseum tickets can be purchased online and on location.

During a visit to the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt’s “Night watch” cannot be missed. See if you can find the hidden expression in this masterwork. The painter left a secret message for his lover! If you are interested in hearing the full story, I share this on my romantic canal tour Amsterdam.

My intimate boat tour for couples to discover the city in a new light. Together you will hear stories that speak to the heart, brought to life with carefully chosen music.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

The path of love does not always run smoothly. Although this talented artist never found lasting love in his lifetime, Van Gogh’s art speaks of the joys and pains of life. Vincent van Gogh certainly did not lack the desire for affection but ultimately his romantic history was shaped by unrequited love and rejection. These tragic tales are detailed in his paintings. While his famous painting Sunflowers celebrates the allure of nature.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

The museum features over 200 paintings and drawings divided by periods, starting at the beginning of his life. Walking through the different eras and viewing beautiful and emotive paintings will be a memorable experience for you and your partner.

Van Gogh museum Amsterdam tickets are available online and visitors are given a timeslot. Make sure to book your tickets in advance since this museum is often sold out. On Friday night, the museum hosts a DJ! Take your partner along to enjoy an alternative night of music and dancing amongst some of the most beautiful art in the world.

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Anne Frank House is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam. A visit is a fascinating look into the tragic tale of a young Jewish girl forced to hide during the Second World War. However, those who are unfamiliar with Anne Frank’s diary may not know that a love story happened here as well! While they were hiding in the attic Anne and Peter fell in love and shared their first kiss. You can visit this spot!

I can expand on this story during my romantic canal tour in Amsterdam, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to ask me! It is beautiful to think that love blossomed during such a difficult time.

If you want to see this unique museum and secret annexe, make sure to book in advance. Anne Frank house tickets are released online 2 months before. However, if you haven’t managed to do this, don’t fret as 25% of tickets are released online on the day, early in the morning. You may be lucky!

Propose to your loved one in Amsterdam.

Charming canals, pretty flower-adorned bridges and old houses create picturesque settings and insta-worthy backdrops that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else. Here at Romantic Tour Amsterdam, we believe that this city is an undiscovered destination for couples and one of the most romantic cities in Europe and so the ideal location for marriage proposals. After having travelled the world, I returned to my home city and spent the last three years searching for its most romantic spots. Read here about the best places to propose in Amsterdam.

Try an Indonesian Rice table.

Amsterdam is home to some of the best restaurants, and there are so many romantic restaurants in Amsterdam for you to enjoy with your significant other. Home to a fusion of delicious foods, you can enjoy some world-famous Indonesian food at Long Pura, and order a rice table for two, for you to share with your partner at this famous Indonesian kitchen. Prices at Long Pura are usually around the €40,- per person, but it’s always a luxury meal for two in an intimate setting, with a dish to suit every palette. The traditional and lovingly cooked meals at this romantic setting are authentic and refined, and the hospitable staff makes sure that your evening is as good as it can be! Long Pura is one of the best romantic restaurants in Amsterdam, and the atmosphere in the booths means that you can enjoy some quality time with your partner.

Hope these tips will help you create a magical Stay for you together in Amsterdam and that the love will flourish between you together. Feel free
to get in touch if we can help you with any romantic tips in Amsterdam.

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