Top Driving Tips for Long Journeys

Top Driving Tips for Long Journeys

Now not everyone is exceptional at driving, even the likes of Lewis Hamilton must slip up sometimes. Whether that’s forgetting to indicate or going a little over the speed limit without realising, as much as we shouldn’t do it and don’t intend to do it; it just happens sometimes. Long journeys seem to be the worst of all for what’s classed as ‘dangerous driving’, but it can get really hard sometimes when you’ve got screaming kids in the back asking whether we’re there yet, and navigation not playing up to scratch. Because of this, I thought it would be a great idea to create a mini guide on driving tips for long journeys, to keep you safe and sane on those boring hours long commutes. I stumbled across an interesting study the other day from UK car leasing firm All Car Leasing called ‘Blame it on the boogie’ which looked at the effects that music has on the way in which we drive. They concluded that 72% of their respondents, would often turn their music down when making manoeuvres and also found that even listening to specific genres can affect how likely you are to speed. Now although the study was based on music, it does bear in mind the overall area of commuting, and it sheds light to the potential dangers that technology can have on our driving. Now it wouldn’t be ideal to wake up to a fine and potential points on your license after such a long journey now would it…

Driving tips for long journeys! (and avoiding tickets)

Stay hydrated and keep stock of snacks – Keeping hydrated is something you need to keep on top of regardless, and even more so if you’re driving for hours on end. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel tired, dizzy or sick, so making sure you keep stocked up on fluids is essential; even if it means having to stop to go to the toilet every five minutes! Same goes with snacks, you probably won’t starve of hunger, but making sure you’ve got good stock of your favourite chocolate, sweets and sandwiches is essential!

Top Driving Tips for Long Journey

Listen to something interesting – All Car Leasing concluded that the majority of drivers will happily stick the radio on out of ease, but the radio can be pretty boring! Try listening to an interesting podcast or audiobook regarding something you love and enjoy. You never know, you may end up actually learning something!

Take breaks – Taking the occasional break to stop for food or to stretch your legs is a great thing to do on long journeys. Not only to give your body a break, but your brain as well. After all, driving takes up a lot of concentration without you even realising!

Get lots of sleep before you go – Always make sure to get a good night’s sleep before making a long journey, as being tired increases the chances of making stupid decisions which could end up causing you to crash or bump your vehicle!

Share the drive – Sharing the drive is also a great way to keep yourself sane during long distance driving, REMEMBER though, you need to make sure the other driver is insured on the vehicle before you set off!

Driving Tips for Long Journey

Keep passengers entertained – If you’ve got kids in the car and you’ve been mentally preparing yourself for weeks on end about how many times you going to have to tell them “we are nearly there”, worry no further. Be sure to play in-car games with the kids or bring a movie for them to watch with a portable plays or streaming services, and they will be happy as larry.

Sightsee – Whilst taking a break, why not stop somewhere interesting on the way to your destination to make the most of your trip. This can of course depend on where you’re going to, but you usually pass through somewhere exciting on the way to your end destination.

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