Ten Benefits of Travel That May Broaden Your Perspective

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Traveling breaks down the doors of perception that society imposes on us, and greatly helps us in becoming better human beings.

You are how much you have traveled. Indeed, the worth of a man shouldn’t be measured by his bank balance but rather by the amount of miles he has accumulated under his shoes. There are numerous benefits of traveling, a few philosophical, but all culminating to broaden one’s perspective of oneself and the world around him. Here are the ten most essential benefits of traveling.

You discover your true-self
The surroundings that you grow up and live in plays a major hand in influencing who you are. As you acclimatize yourself to your background atmosphere, you tend to lose touch with the inherent person that you really are. While traveling, you encounter new and challenging scenarios that brings the true self out of you. You find your passion, the true intent of your existence in this world. Such realizations are usually profound, and helps broaden your own perspective of yourself.

You become more sociable and improve on your communication skills
Traveling ensures meeting and interacting with people from all frontiers of the world. Even an introverted human being, while facing the adversities of a journey or the beauty of a hillside sunset, comes out of their shell to become more engaged in the present community. Communication skills are also an important facet of modern day life, and could be enhanced during travelling by recurrent interactions with locals or with your fellow travelers.

You curb your ego and become more empathetic
As the world becomes more self-absorbed and promotes narcissistic ideologies, more people should pursue avenues that promotes benevolence and altruism. Traveling is one such avenue that opens up your heart and soul, enabling you to be in harmony with the cosmos. Your ego disappears when you become one with nature, realizing the grand scheme of the universe in general. Interacting with people from various cultures helps you understand things from their point of view, broadening your perspective and making you more empathetic.

You have enormous fun
Isn’t this what traveling was supposed to be? While our daily burdens drains the joy out of us, traveling ensures that we put fun and happiness back in our lives. The activities you engage in when you travel, be it bungee jumping off a cliff or snorkeling in the deep ocean, is bound to release plenty of dopamine in your brain that will temporarily help you forget about the worries of real life.

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You fall in love with life all over again
When you travel, your relate aspects of your life to your experiences. “Out of all the hills that I’ve trekked, I’ve noticed one particular similarity. The difficult the climb, the more majestic is the view from its summit.” Based out of my own experience, isn’t this a perfect allegory for the direct correlation between hard work and success. Sometimes, the mundane nature of life makes you forget the proverbs that your middle school English once made you repeat. You live out those long forgotten proverbs in real life when you indulge in traveling. Every adventure teaches you a small lesson, and you carry that lesson back to your daily life, making it beautiful in the process.

You learn new things by coming out of your comfort zone
Eat, Sleep, Work, and Repeat. The four corners of a monotonous work life leaves us with no opportunity to come out of our comfort zone. Traveling cleanses the doors of perception, making everything appear infinite. From learning new information about new cultures to learning new tricks to put up your sleeve, you expand on your pre-conceived limit of learning itself. Such experiences are rich, and helps you adjust to your work life back home with ease.

You achieve a peace of mind
Can you remember the last time you sat at your home doing absolutely nothing? It’s impossible, as your mind constantly searches for things to tick off your list, making sure you are never really relaxed. This stress can be relieved while you travel. Sipping on a glass of beer to nothing but the sound of the ocean, or drinking hot cocoa in the mountains while watching the clouds fly by the valley – these are the scenarios which are so breathtaking in itself that it doesn’t require your mind to function at all, just soak in the beauty, do absolutely nothing and achieve a peace of mind.

You gain an understanding of what’s important and what’s not
Certain things in life require more attention than others. Sadly, the unimportant things take priority as they tend to shower us with instant gratification. Traveling is akin to embarking on a journey that has a thousand routes available to traverse upon. Under such circumstances, you choose the ones that gives you the most amount of satisfaction in a prolonged period of time. You learn to channel your energy towards fruitful and sustainable goals, and realize the importance of planning and time-management. Such insights not only helps you to broaden your perspective, but makes you a better human being in the process. For example, a seasoned traveler prioritizes on buying a travel insurance ahead of his trip as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances. You can refer to the Progressive Markets report for a comprehensive overview of the global travel insurance market, and make an informed decision about getting the best coverage ahead of your journey.

You create memories for a lifetime
It doesn’t matter if you trek through the Amazon rainforest or watch puffins gather in masses of the Icelandic coast, the memories that you create from travelling is cherished forever in your life. Such memories help you get through your troubled times as a remembrance of the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

You become the person you wish to
It’s hard to transcend our current selves when we are bound by societal chains. Traveling frees you from these shackles and help your mind, body and soul to ascend to a new place. We all have a thought in our head of the ideal person, the one we wish to become one day. Traveling ensures that you take the right step in the right direction in order to achieve that idealism.

As the world encroaches upon us from all sides, our point of view keeps getting narrower with time. Aptly put forward by the American travel writer Rick Steves, “Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.”


Nisha Dodeja, is a keynote senior consultant on digital marketing at Progressive Markets. She has been recognized for developing a robust social network strategy for the company. Nisha has written several whitepapers, case studies, and articles. She is a visiting faculty member at various educational institutions and has expertise in Travelling.

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