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Packing Tips for a Ski Holiday1

Ski holidays are a kind of complex trip when it comes to packing as one has to carry the sheer volume of equipment. Well, whether you love to hit the bunny slopes or is a complete beginner, you would surely want to update yourself with packing tips. Listed below are top tips for a ski holiday, and you need to pack your bag with ninja-like precision.

Go through airline checked bag rules

You might know that most airlines allow maximum 15 to 20 kgs weight of luggage. Well, several airlines consider helmet sleeves, boot cases, etc., as individual separate checked oversized bags. Also, the cost of regular sized bag varies from twenty-five to thirty-five dollars. In fact, this price rises if you exceed weight restrictions or two suitcase allowances.

Packing Tips for a Ski Holiday
Ski Clothing
It is obvious that you will need ski clothing! You can pack three tops as well as bottoms if you are planning for five or six days trip. However, for a short holiday (one or two days), you would need a base layer of thermal wicking innerwear. Make sure you carry a synthetic fill jacket, ski jackets, waterski tube, and ski pants.

Moreover, you should take at least three pairs of warm nightwear with you for 5 to 6 days of skiing holiday. Some people advise to wear the ski jacket in the night, but it is not enough as your jacked might be soaked in the snowy weather.

Ski Gear
The ski gear is the most important to carry on your winter holiday. If you are going abroad for a winter holiday, it is better to rent a ski gear kit as carrying it with you will add to the weight of your bag.

Packing Tips for a Ski Holiday1

Two sets of ski base layers
The clothes should be worn in layers for skiing on the snow-covered mountains. The thin wicking fabrics help to trap the air between the layers and keeps you warm in the chilled weather of mountains. Take two pairs of thermal tops and two pairs of long pants. Even if the weather is warm, you have the option to strip the outer layer and keep the basic layer on.

Snowsports jacket
This is the bulkiest item to carry on a ski holiday. So it is better to wear it on the journey instead of carrying it in your bag as it will increase the weight of your bag. You should look for the warmth and waterproofing capability of the jacket while buying it. It is not essential to spend a high amount on the highest quality brand. Even a warm, waterproof jacket of a domestic brand will do the job.

Packing Tips for a Ski Holiday

Mid Layers
As the name suggests, the mid layer is the clothing meant to be worn between the base layer and the outer jacket. It is better to get thin fleeces for the middle layer. If you are going in the late season, when the weather is becoming warm, a pair of tee shirts will be fine for mid layer clothing. The mid layer clothing perfectly traps the air between it and the base layer.

Goggles and Gloves
A good quality pair of goggles will save your eyes from the sun and chilled winds in the mountains. Moreover, they offer you a clear vision of slopes and contours in the flat light. It is best to buy a pair of goggles that offer a clear vision in bright as well as low light conditions. The gloves will keep your hands warm and hold the sticks firmly while skiing. Buy a pair of warm and waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm while skiing.

Packing Tips for a Ski Holiday

Salopettes/Ski pants
You should carry the ski pants having the similar waterproofing capacity to the snowsports jacket. The ski pants come in a variety of shapes. Some are high waisters while some have the braces to hold them around your waist. Choose the one in which you feel the most comfortable. Make sure you can move your legs comfortably in them as too tight may hamper your movements while skiing.

Ski Boots
Moreover, you need to get a pair of snow boots that are essential for skiing safely on the slopes. Ski boots protect your feet from cold, and they firmly get fixed on the skis. Buy a good quality pair of ski boots to keep your feet safe in the snow.

Packing Tips for a Ski Helmet Holiday

Ski Helmet
A skiing helmet is the most important accessory for your safety while skiing in the difficult terrains. It is better to get a helmet form the resort, rather than carrying it with you on the journey, as it will occupy significant space in your bag.

Other Essentials
You should not forget the other essentials that you carry on a normal trip. You should carry the passport, tickets, travel insurance and other essentials with you. The other essentials include a water bottle, rucksack, slippers, nightwear, moisturizers, high SPF sunscreen, and lip balm.

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