Must Have Vehicle Accessories for a Summer Road Trip

Must have vehicle accessories for a summer road trip

The United States is full of amazing scenery, intense beauty, and rich history, just waiting to be discovered. Summertime, is the perfect time for this, millions of Americans are expected to embark on road trips.

But for even the most spontaneous trip, planning before you set off is quite important. We have listed some must-have car accessories to prevent any mishaps happening when you are on your summer road trip.

Summer trip essentials

1. First aid kit

First aid kit during travel
A well-packed first aid kit is a must-have for any safe trip. From a minor injury to a serious life-threatening injury, a first aid kit comes in handy for any arising health issues.

A good emergency kit should pack the following; antibiotic ointment, saline solution, Band-Aids (both for minor and severe injuries), road flares, painkillers, and tweezers.

2. Jumper cables

Jumper cables during travel
Jumper cables are essential, not just for the road trip, but for everyday driving. They are inexpensive to acquire, and they can help you out should your battery die. Here are some of the things to take note when getting jumper cables;

– The length
A good jumper cable to carry should have a minimum length of 25 feet. Longer jumper cables help you to connect two front-to-front vehicles when jump-starting easily.

– Cable clamps
Get a jumper cable with quality clamps. Clamps help in firmly attaching your cable to the terminal and preventing any slip off which might cause a shock and potential damage to your battery.

– Condition of the jumper cable
Having a good quality cable is not enough. You need to take good care of it. Avoid folding up the cable since it can cause the rubber coating to tear. Always coil the jumper cable and store it in a bag when not in use.

3. Carjack

Carjack during travel
Your vehicle won’t announce when it is about to get a puncture. You might find yourself changing your tire by yourself in the middle of nowhere. While having a spare tire is considered necessary, the next most imperative item to get the job done is a jack.

A car jack will help you in lifting your car when changing your tire.

4. Tire pressure gauge

Car air pressure during travel
You might want to keep track of your cars tire pressure. Both high and low tire pressures can cause your tires to blow and potentially lead to an accident. Get an easy to read pressure gauge and stay on top of your cars’ tire pressure this summer trip.

It is also good to make use of your tire pressure warning light. Always check your tire pressure monitoring system to ensure that your tire pressure is within the right levels. This will keep you aware of your car’s tire pressure always.

5. Sunshade
Every time you get out of your car to venture out for a hike, or to take a look at the beautiful scenery outside, you are potentially leaving your car to bake in the high summer temperatures. Shades come in handy to keep your car interior cooler.
Window shades are also helpful in obscuring any burglar from spotting what’s inside your car.

6. Window tint

Window tint during travel
The most annoying thing about driving on a sunny day is getting hit by the sun right in the face. Unfortunately, window shades can’t be used when driving. Therefore get a professional to help you out with your cars window tinting. A window tint will help you keep the harmful UV rays away from your car’s interior, which keeps you safe during the trip.

Ready for the road trip?
Road trips require a lot of planning and preparation. In between choosing your routes and the best photo-op destinations, ensure that you eliminate common road trip headaches by getting the above accessories.

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