How to wisely choose your travel Destination

How to wisely choose your travel Destination

Everyone loves to travel from one place to another in search of fun and recreation, take a short break from the routine life, and revitalize one again. There are many tourist places all over the world, which makes people feel confused as to which travel destination they should visit. Usually, most people spend several days and weeks to finalize all things about travel. What are the main factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a travel destination? Let’s consider the below mentioned points.

1. Your Budget
It is one of the first things you must decide as soon as possible before choosing a travel destination. If you have lots of money for travelling, planning a foreign trip or famous tourist destination would not be a problem for you. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget for the trip, then you need to be careful. Always keep in mind when you are travelling to a new place, you need to spend a considerable amount of money on train/bus/airplane ticket fares, Visa fees (in case you are visiting a foreign country), food, stay in hotels, commuting, shopping, etc. So, in case you have budget restrictions, choose an inexpensive travel destination that can fit your budget.

2. Currency Exchange Rate
When travelling a new country, you are supposed to use its national currency in order to get the things done easily and swiftly. Let’s understand with an example- If a fresh tourist travels to the UK, he/she will have to swap Euro with the British Pond. Here, the person needs to know the currency exchange rate between two countries. If you choose a country whose currency is much stronger than the national currency of your nation, get ready to pay a handsome amount to finance your tour.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget for touring a foreign country, always choose a cheap destination. There are many countries in the world that are several tourist destinations. If you choose a country whose currency is weaker than the currency of yours, you can easily cover all expenses of your trip on a limited budget.

How to wisely choose your travel Destination

3. Climatic Conditions
Before planning a trip to any country, you need to know its climatic conditions without any fail. You will probably never like to visit a country which is facing the troubles of extreme hot/cold weather, flood, avalanche, earthquake, the epidemic of fatal diseases, volcano, etc. For example- Japan is said to be a country of Earthquakes. Volcanoes keep erupting in different parts of the world. Your life will be in danger if you get trapped in a Tsunami, gale, torrential rain, etc, in a foreign country. Be careful and choose a country where the climate remains ideal for tour and travel.

4. Local Culture of the Country You want To visit
Each country has its own culture and civilization. Travelers are supposed to respect the local culture while touring foreign countries. As a traveler, if you make fun of the local culture of a country or breach it by your actions, troubles may come at your way sooner or later if the local population or the law enforcement agencies notice it. For example- when you travel to Thailand, don’t say anything negative about the Thailand King. Don’t make fun of its culture even by mistake. If you do so, Thai police will put you behind the bars and punish you as per the law. While visiting China, don’t insult the Chinese culture and say anything negative about the country or the Chinese government. By respecting the local culture, you become a good traveler and be friends with the people of the country you are travelling in.

5. Current Political Situation of the Country
Most travelers deliberately ignore this point while choosing a travel destination. Have a look at the current political situations of some countries shown in the chart below:

CountriesCurrent Political Situations
IsraelRegular fight between Philistine terrorists and Israeli Army. Several cities of this country are attacked by rocket bombs by philistine terrorists.
PakistanNotorious for the deadly fight among different militant groups, terrorism, regular bomb expositions, etc.
SyriaThere is a civil war in this country since 2011 till today.
AfghanistanRegular fight between government forces and Islamic militants.
Mexico and Brazil (In Latin America)Notorious for organized crime and the drug war.
North KoreaA very dangerous country for foreign tourists.
Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and YemenPolitically instable countries.
South AfricaNotorious for the high crime rate.
UkraineUnsafe country for tourist because of civil war since 2014.

Therefore, you should choose countries that are politically stable and safe for travel, such as the USA, the UK, EU countries, Russia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

How to wisely choose your travel Destination6. Activities and Interests
These two factors play a great role when you have to choose a country/region for travelling. If you are fed up with hot climate of your country (such as African countries) and want to enjoy the cold weather, countries such as Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, England, America, etc, will be ideal for you. These countries have an excellent cold climate throughout the year.

7. Time Zone
Our elders always say one thing – “Time is precious”. Once it is passed, it never comes back. When you plan a tour, time matters a lot. Even travel companies sell tour packages keeping the time factor in mind. For example- A peasant and exotic trip From Sri Lanka to India for 4 days in just Rs 60, 000. Always keep in mind that different country has different time zones. America and India are located in two completely different time zones. Russia has 11 different time zones because of its vast territory. So, keep this factor in mind when you plan to tour a foreign country.

Final Words
People love to travel to new countries and famous tourist destinations for a number of reasons. While planning your trip, you should consider the above factors in mind as it will help you to have a safe, pleasant and memorable trip easily and effortlessly.

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