8 Amazing Surf Holidays for Couples and Family in 2019

8 Amazing Surf Holidays for Couples and Family in 2019

Known to be a fantastic activity for everyone, surfing strengthens a family/couple bond. It is a great holiday alternative and it is advantageous for a family as kids most of the time love surfing. However, finding the right surfing spot at distinct levels might be tricky. Are you in search of a surf destination that offers excellent waves with an array of water activity for each one of you? This article makes your search straightforward as it discusses some of the amazing spots for you.

We cannot miss mentioning Australia as far as surfing is concerned as it is amongst the world’s first surfing destinations. Millions of people in Australia participate in surfing while millions more have a passion. For that reason, surfing is a part of the Australian lifestyle. Some of the world’s finest surfers come from this country. However, surfing is impossible in several northern parts of Australia because of coral reefs overcoming waves.

As mentioned earlier, here are 8 amazing surf holidays for you:

1. Tamarindo


It is the major surf base in the North Pacific, Costa Rica. Tamarindo is amongst Costa Rica’s popular surf spots that provide you with some of the excellent surfing holiday options in the country. At the center of the town is its long spectacular beach. It helps beginners to learn how to surf. Also, there are other intermediate and more superior breaks close by.

The town is full of cafes and restaurants. You can find your favorite Louis XIII Cognac in surf bars in this destination for a fun night. Some of the stunning surf camps in Costa Rica are found here. Besides surfing, you can enjoy many other activities and it suits both a family and people looking for energetic nightlife kind of surfing holiday.

2. Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Known to be a long-hidden place up to the early 2000s, Santa Teresa is a perfect small surf town having a number of the best beach break peaks in the world as well as delicious restaurants. It is a quiet spot that many love and its long white sand beach ensures that there are amazing waves for every level of surfers.

SUP, bike ride, horseback ride, and snorkel are some of the other activities you can enjoy in its great landscapes for an unforgettable experience. WR250R motorcycle is among the suitable bikes that help you pass through the landscapes for a better view. Also, you can join a quad-bike tour to keep your adrenaline flowing.

3. Casa Marea Alta

Casa Marea Alta

It is the perfect destination for those people who are into health and wellness, nature as well as surfing. It sits in 800 acres of exclusive rainforests in Punta Banca, a remote village. Therefore, with no doubt, Casa Marea Alta is the place for those who yearn to watch native wildlife coming down from rainforests mountain to feed/graze on the many fruit trees growing all over the land. This gives you a perfect and memorable experience.

Also, you can access a yoga deck either to join a class, hang out or have a body massage. Excursions, as well as other activities like hiking or making chocolate from the rainforest’s cocoa pods, are available to make your stay enjoyable.

4. Samara


The Samara beach town is 25km’s south of Nosara and it takes only 50 minutes by car. If you are from nearby towns and you choose to use a car.

It is a stunning scenic spot having one among the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica. It gives you an authentic experience of a beach town. There is no over tourism and you will be spoiled by the town’s great choice of bars and restaurants.

15 minutes south or north part of the town are first-class surf beaches to explore. The town’s beach is suitable for learning for the beginners and not the perfect spot for the advanced or intermediate surfers.

5. Beach break surf camp

Beach break surf camp

It is a boutique surf spot found on the Playa Venao’s golden sands. From last month, the spot has seen a surf tourism increase. It has several mouth-watering eateries as well as the bar for you to indulge in. After a long day at surfing, it’ll be nice to relax with a glass of Paul Masson brandy by the beach.

Together with some of its excellent beach break waves, surf camp offers are available for you! Experience shiatsu massages, unwind as you watch waves in the pools or you can join martial arts in Playa Venao Brazilian JiuJitsu Academy in the camp.

6. Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina

Many individuals know Santa Catalina as the best and dependable surf place along Panama’s Pacific coast. Before becoming Santa Catalina, locals surfed here. However, international surfers visit the place nowadays and it can host big competitions.
Some of its breaks are appropriate for beginners, others for intermediate surfers while others are for expert only. The spot’s prime surfing begins in March and ends in October while January and February offer the smallest swell.

7. Playa El Palmar

Playa El Palmar

It is a classic central Pacific surf destination that is perfect for a surfer at any level. There is no crowd here, however; a steady number of surfers visit the place, particularly Panamanians.

Some of its waves might be strong and steady as it can get up to 2.5 m. The spots three breaks offer a sampling of waves for different surfing levels.

8. Isla Bocas del Toro

Isla Bocas del Toro

It offers amongst the finest surfing in Panama and has a number of surf breaks. The suitable period to visit the place is from December to March, the dry season. The destination has different spots for everybody from beginners to expert skill levels.

There are some places with no crowds and therefore, you can surf alone. It boasts of its consistent swell, scalable, tropical surfing experience, and powerful and superior surf.


A surf spot in warm and tropical destinations having fun waves is a great way to spend your holiday whether as a couple or family. For a family, it is good to travel in a car with a roof basket to keep your luggage. Go through the destinations and select the most suitable for you. The good thing is that there are places with waves for all levels and you do not worry even if you are a beginner.

In addition to surfing, you can enjoy another wide range of activities while in these places for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The exotic wildlife, rainforests and coastal lagoons add your experience without forgetting beautiful eateries and bars.



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