7 Quick Tips on How to Prevent Lost Luggage at the Airport

7 Quick Tips on How to Prevent Lost Luggage at the Airport

Losing your luggage on vacation can be a total nightmare for not only are you left without your favorite travel clothes but may end up losing very vital identity documents and important things as well. And losing your luggage at the Airport can be the trickiest one to manage while you are flying to a different country. So we bring you the seven quick tips with which you can safeguard your luggage at the Airport.

1. Put your Name and Contact Number on the Luggage
Although it may look not so trendy on your designer luggage, if you are to ensure the safety of your luggage, you should always consider writing your details on it. This step at least increases the chances of finding your baggage as in case a fellow passenger finds your lost case; the person would be able to contact you and return it on time. Also, putting up details gives you the opportunity to claim your lost belongings by specifically mentioning that your name and details are already attached with the same.

2. Keep your itinerary in the Case
Packing your travel itinerary in the suitcase along with your clothes can be very helpful for airport authorities to track you and return your lost package. It also helps the lost and found department to ideally locate from where the baggage gets missing and how it goes on to a completely different destination.

3. Take a Click
Prior to heading out for your trip, take a snap of your luggage and few things that you have packed inside so that in case of a lost luggage you can show the picture of your baggage along with an exact description and also give a brief description of the articles packed. The picture of the luggage can help in the speedy recovery of the lost baggage.

4. Arrive on Time
Nothing saves better on travel hassles than arriving at the Airport on time. If you have a lot of baggage, you should always make sure that you reach the airport on time or early so that the authorities can properly process your baggage check-in without any haste and thus less room for mistakes. Reaching the airport, two hours before your schedule flight departure is highly recommended.

5. Check Twice
Mistakes can happen even from a little keyboard slip, and your baggage may reach an entirely different continent from a miss-spelling on the baggage claim check tag. So while handing over your luggage at check-in make sure to check the claim tag. Also in case, the destination airport code does not match to the slip you are, bring it to the attention of the airline personnel immediately to save on hassle.

6. Carry your Signature
Make your suitcase identifiable and unique to yourself so that even in a sea of bags and luggage you can easily spot your piece. This helps in quick identification of your item, easy spotting on the baggage claim track and even saving your luggage being claimed by the wrongful passenger.

7. Keep a Count
If you are travelling with multiple pieces of baggage, then keep a count of the same to ensure that you are not leaving behind any one of them while going on board or while claiming your items from the belt. This also allows you to understand that to safeguard your luggage you need to have enough time and resource with you, and thus you can plan accordingly.


Author’s Bio: Emma Barnes is an Orlando based travel blogger. An adventurous backpacker, she has been to over 70 countries all around the world. She writes about food, culture and her travel experiences and has been featured in multiple travel magazines and blog sites. Emma is currently working as a travel Writer at MyFlightSearch.

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