5 Most Romantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day

5 Most Romantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that day which comes especially in every couple’s life. This is the day they plan to write a special quote in their love diary on some special location. And this the day they decide what they mean to each other. Whatever the situations, this is the day allow them to speak up with their hearts and above this, what if they speak the same on some special location. It will be most romantic, celebrating Valentine’s Day in a distant, lovely, and scenic location.

Here is a brief overview of some romantic locations to explain your love:

Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir: Heaven of romantic valleys and exotic viewsRomantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day in Srinagar

No better place you can find than Kashmir, having stunning snow-clad mountains, beautiful valleys and refreshing lakes. Take a ride in Shikara boat or through snow balls at each other; Srinagar is all set to make your Valentine memorable.

Major Attractions: Never forget to view sunsets and Shikara ride in Dal Lake

Romantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day in OotyOoty: City injected with perfect dose of romance

Bow to the stunning views and awesome weather, Ooty has earned a big name of ‘most romantic destination’ in Western Ghats. Feel cozy in the arms of your love while facing chilled winds outside. Sing your favourite love songs riding through stunning valleys and mountains on the most joyous toy train in Ooty.

Major Attractions: Riding toy train and visiting famous lakes

Kausani: Underrated yet Extraordinarily RomanticRomantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day in Kausani

Here is what no tourists can explore at other places. And if it comes to couples, Kausani is another Sitzerland for them. Dipped in all the right ingredients including beautiful pine tree forests, majestic Himalayan peaks, and picturesque landscapes; Kuasani is supernatural beauty in North. It’s an unblemished getaway for young couples. Less crowded, Kausani offers you the picture-perfect attractions to express your love.

Major Attractions: Rudradhari falls & caves, Kausani Tea Estate, and Gwaldam

Romantic Places to Go On Valentine’s Day in MunnarMunnar: Let the lush green carpet of meadows bring you together

You won’t find it somewhere else. Amazing tea gardens, stunning rolling hills and gorgeous vistas are proud of Munnar. Munnar is popular to bring you a happy spell of love. The scenic views create perfect aura to express you love. It would be really great to spend a day here with your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect.

Major Attractions: Tea plantations and picturesque landscapes are famous across the world.

Goa: Not just for Hippies, it’s a heart-throb of couples across the world

You want beaches, forts, famous Portuguese architectures, churches, cruises, parties; here you find fun in bulk. Goa allows you to groove with your bae at rocking beachside parties. Capture lovely smiles of your partner with stunning backgrounds in Goa. Have candlelit dinner in evening at famous hotels or restaurants. It’s not just stop here; you can have all amazing drinks including feni, famous drink of Goa, you can have at all the restaurants in Goa.

Major Attractions: Se Cathedral Church, Calangute Beach, Aguada Fort, Ferry Cruising in Panaji and beachside parties

Visiting above locations will definitely be a great idea if you are leaving with your honey or beloved. Above handpicked locations are great to dive in the spell of romance. Now, this is the time to plan your Valentine’s Day tour to add a new chapter in your love life.

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