5 Hospitality and Travel Pain Points That QA and Testing Can Heal

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Traveling to a new destination? The traveler is likely facing some anxiety about their plans as they are leaving the comfort zone and exploring outside their home territory. They want their trip to run as smoothly as possible, without any disruptions or changes. They want to make the most of their experience, relax with their loved ones, rejuvenate their energy, explore touristic sites, meet new people and make a memorable trip.

A well-tested digital platform will ensure that travelers have no hiccups in their plans and all their needs are covered. Users should check for apps that are tested and thereby invest their time and money on reliable platforms and networks. Software businesses must check for all these pain points to address user needs, retain customers and create a brand reputation.

We look at 6 pain points for hospitality and travel that Quality Assurance (QA) and testing can heal:

1. Tickets and Visas
A traveler may have made a thorough booking on your mobile app for their travel. But, what if there are flight time changes and they have not been notified of it from the app? If they haven’t saved a copy before and the server is down at the hour of your flight, they will not be able to access their ticket and visa. These emergencies will add to the user’s stress. Moreover, if it is the holiday season, there will be more bookings than the rest of the year. The apps must be able to perform with the increased user load. Load testing will ensure the app runs smoothly at the increased capacity.

2. Road maps
With the use of apps, it is easy for people to select tourist spots they want to go to. They can make their journey plan with road maps. They can access information on the best routes, check bus and train timings, fare costs and route closures. With such increased user reliance on apps, performance testing is imperative to ensure all features are functioning effectively.

3. Payments
Whether a traveler is commuting, dining out, shopping or going to a movie, all activities can be quicker with online payments. The security of transactions is key for their peace of mind. They do not want to have their credit card information hacked via a vulnerable platform. Security testing will make sure the app is protected from unauthorized access.

4. Social Media
There is no fun in travel if no one is witnessing the experience. People want stability via a connection with your friends and family in home town. With apps, they can post pictures of their outings. They can also share blogs as they learn and expand your horizons. If they wish to leave feedback to the companies that are assisting your journey, it is only possible through an app that functions robustly. Integration testing will ensure multiple apps are working efficiently simultaneously.

5. Facilities
Once travelers have checked in to a hotel, they do not want to be bound to their room. They want to make use of the hotel facilities like a gaming area, a spa, a gym, etc. They want personalized services that will accommodate their preferences for leisure. Usability testing solutions will ensure the hotel app offers a clear browsing page, showcases all features, perhaps a guiding tour. The search feature should have filters to customize the search according to user preferences. Usability testing will ensure the app is user-friendly.

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