This Week’s Top Stories About Swan Valley Tours WA Tours

This Week's Top Stories About Swan Valley Tours WA Tours

Traveling to different places and exposing yourself to new cultures helps to expand one’s perspective and thought towards the new society. People and get a wider view of the world. Australia- the smallest continent and the world’s largest island is one such place, where you get to experience this. Australia is known for its multi-cultural and multi-lingual cities, pristine white beaches, diverse marine life, extended windswept coastline, rich bio-diversity, vivid wildlife, aborigines, flavoursome wines, and scrumptious seafood. To sum up, this country has got something for everyone.

One of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations is the scenic Swan Valley that lies north of Perth. The region situated between the Guildford and Bells Rapids in Western Australia comprises of the famous Swan Valley. The meandering Swan river makes the region scenic. Each year the Swan Valley attracts thousands of tourists owing to its crowded bazaar that is full of locally made wares, gastronome foods, choicest wineries, distilleries, and finest breweries. The climate and the soil are just perfect to grow fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. Gorge on juicy watermelons, avocados, pumpkin, asparagus, macadamias, figs, pomegranates, mangoes, rock melons, and other fresh produces of your choice. The place is also known for its unique eateries where dishes are curated with succulent local meat and freshest local produce, where you can dine in to experience a gastronomical ecstasy.

You can start off your wondrous trip to Swan valley by visiting the Caversham Wildlife Park. This part of Australia has a Mediterranean climate, making it a haven to one of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. Home to more than hundreds of species of flora and fauna, this wild like a park should be on your top of our must-do list. Spend quality time with your loved ones and kids, and behold the natural beauty of Caversham Wildlife Park. Your kids will love to pat a wombat, caress a kangaroo, see possums and lizards, or even feed the emu. They can take a quick snap with the most loveable Australian native animal -the koala.

In the wine tasting tour, enjoy while you get indulged in the luxurious taste of the freshest local produce along with the finest wines offed by the range of wineries and breweries. Savor the most premium wines with gourmet cheese and crackers sitting amongst the vines, or you can take a vineyard walk while the local vintner shares the winemaking and wine tasting process with you. Relish connoisseur vineyard platter lunch with exquisite wine at the Swan Valley wine tour. The Sandal ford wineries produce some of the choicest variety of Red, white, French, Dalmatian and Italian, wines. Explore the rich history of the region while you take an active part in the harvest. Comprehend the complete winemaking process starting from grape harvesting, fermentation, bottling to the final labelling. You can wind up the day with a chilled beer from a local brewery.

There is nothing better than the aroma of rich chocolate. Visit the Whistler’s chocolate factory to find out how this bittersweet delicious food is used to transform a simple dish into an exotic one. From Think Rocky Road, Coconut Rough, Chocolate Liquorice, Chocolate Snakes, Handmade Honeycomb to Peanut Brittles- you will get them all here. Here, you can also indulge in fancy sweet treat by having – chocolate -dipped marshmallows and fruits dipped chocolate. This premium hand-made chocolate makes the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Hop in the famous ‘the house of honey’ where you get to taste raw nectar in its most unadulterated form. Get the goodness of real honey that is rich in mineral and other nutrients. Explore the distinct flavour of a wide range of honey available. The store also showcases various honey related products from raw nectar, royal jelly, candles, German Bee-sting cake, home-made honey scones, and scores of beauty products.

The trip to Swan Valley is incomplete without tasting the savory nibbles by Moorish Nuts and the sweet Mondo Nougat. Freshest nuts like macadamias, cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, are used to prepare these sweet and savory delicacies. Experience how the soft Mondo Nougat is prepared with the freshest ingredients like almonds, pistachios, macadamia, and natural honey; and relish from the wide selection of home-made cakes, biscotti, and gelato. Have it or gift it – these nuts and nougats are sure to please everyone.

Just 35 minutes from Perth is the Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery. The place is run by the Aboriginals of the scenic Swan Valley, who showcase their art, culture, and lifestyle. Join in for a fun-filled and entertaining evening, where you can witness the Aboriginal dance performance, didgeridoo, storytelling, and lot more. From various types of sauces, jams, oils, bush tucker, to hand made books and soap, you can pick up these special handcrafted unique gift items and souvenirs from here.

The Swan Valley in Western Australia is the dream destination for nature lovers for its fascinating blend of flora and fauna and enchanting scenic beauty that draws tourists from all over the globe.

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